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Wildlife watching and feeding is a widely enjoyed pass-time. This is because our wildlife friends are so enjoyable to watch! Whether it is the birds and squirrels that come directly into your yard, or it's the deer in the woods that need to be sought out, corn feed is a helpful tool to both keep these wildlife friends around and keep their bellies full. 

There are plenty of animals that enjoy feed corn, and there are also plenty of creative ways to set out food so that you're new friends can eat their fill comfortably and in ways that improve the aesthetics of your outdoor space.

It’s no wonder we sell so many ears of feeding corn to animal lovers like you. Be sure to pick up a few cobs in our online store.


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Squirrels love corn! Most people who's goal is feeding birds report that squirrels will often take what had been put out for their beloved songbirds. 

One of a squirrel’s favorite snacks is corn on the cob. A great way to attract them to your backyard is to hang a few ears of corn or even toss a few on the ground. It’s not only fun for them to eat, it's also amusing to watch! Corn cobs can be the best option for providing corn for squirrels. They enjoy the food while also relishing the challenge of getting it off the cob. This is like providing a chew toy and a meal at the same time.

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Cracked Corn is popular with larger backyard birds like Red-Winged Blackbird, Mourning Doves, Grackles, Starlings and Quail. To ensure the optimum bird gathering all winter long, make sure you’re stocked up with wild bird feed. Also consider how it is presented to the birds. 

Some birds are ground feeders, while others would rather feed from bird feeders and up in the trees. Take into consideration what kind of birds you are trying to attract before hitting up our wild bird food store. You may want to invest in one or many bird feeders or at least consider where and how you would be feeding wild birds before making the initial investment.

Also remember that other animals, like squirrels, love corn too. This will make it necessary to put the corn feed in a bird feeder if you'd really prefer the birds (and only the birds) to receive the corn.

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Mourning Doves

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Deer absolutely love eating corn. These ever evasive forest friends may give you a visit, while others are more aloof. In some areas, they need to be lured out of the woods, but in other areas, they only need a little incentive to stick around. 

To attract the deer that don't usually wander into your outdoor space, you need only place an ear of corn out into the woods near (but not too near) your home. If your very patient, you can hide and wait for whatever creature finds it. Otherwise, come back later to see if it's gone. Begin placing them closer and closer until the deer are feeding right in your backyard! 

And if you already have deer coming around, just put a few ears of corn within your window view, and watch them appear, especially in the winter months!

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Daily’s Farm Market 

Aside from our corn business, we also own a farmer’s market situated on the western edge of Columbus, Indiana. We offer a variety of fresh farm products, including produce, meat, eggs, baked goods, and take-home dinners. Everything we offer, aside from products from other Indiana companies, are grown and raised on our farm.


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