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Top 5 Reasons Corn Makes the Best Birdfeed

corn bird feed

These days, it seems social life is mostly online through social media and other platforms.  It’s hard to make friends in real life, and sometimes you can’t because you just aren’t (fill-in-the-bank) enough.   Even though it might be true that you aren’t “mainstream enough”, you can always find loving and accepting friends outside.  Their names are Mourning Dove,…

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Gary The Squirrel – Squirrel Corn On The Cob

squirrel corn on the cob

Pets are interesting creatures. They can teach often teach us more about life and our individual identities than anything else in the world. Rick, one of our regulars, told us an interesting story about why he buys squirrel corn on the cob. He comes to our store at least once every three weeks. We’ve never really…

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Squirrels Get Munchies Too! Corn Cobs for Squirrels

Have you ever felt the sudden urge to snack? We sure have! Our furry friends are no exception, and they love to snack on nuts, acorns, and corn cobs for squirrels! Squirrels love their corn cobs, but we’re sure there are some snacks that squirrels must hate! Here are a few of our ideas:   Our…

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The Top 5 Wild Turkey Foods

We’re not talking about our delicious Thanksgiving meal—we’re talking about the wild turkeys that are native to North America. If you live near a woodsy area, you might see these creatures foraging for food. Wild turkeys are omnivores known to eat almost anything. According to the DNR, they can eat more than 100 different food…

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Birds of a Feather: Wild Bird Feed in Indiana

Bird watching is a sport enjoyed by thousands of people young and old. There’s nothing like taking a pair of binoculars and a few bags of wild bird feed out into the woods while you think about nothing but the glorious colors and varieties of the birds in nature. If you’re lucky enough, you might get…

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Jumping for Joy – Flying Squirrel Food in Indiana

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s a…squirrel?! Wait, how is that squirrel gliding through the air so effortlessly? Is this some sort of ninja animal? You blink your eyes a few times to make sure you’re fully awake, but when you open them again, you see the creature flying off of the tree! Your…

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No More Pizza Crusts: Best Food for Squirrels

Anyone from Indiana knows about our famous squirrels. You can’t walk ten feet without passing one of these cute little critters, and when they beg for food with those squirrely eyes, you can’t say no! Unfortunately, because of this, squirrels end up being fed things like pizza crusts, cupcakes, donuts, and all sorts of foods…

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