4 AWESOME Things Squirrels Can Do! – Chester’s Baby Squirrel Food Adventures

Chester is three months old. He sleeps through the night, hangs out with his mom during the day, and plays in the park with his friends on a regular basis. Chester loves eating corn, and he can already eat about half a cob! He also loves taking baths in the river and climbing low tree branches. At this point, you may have realized that Chester isn’t, well, human. That’s right, he’s a squirrel! Chester dreams of one day growing up and doing all of the cool things the big squirrels do! Chester doesn’t exactly KNOW what that is yet, but he has a few theories. Chester comes up with a few crazy ideas as he munches on his baby squirrel food.

What Grown Up Squirrels Do: As Told by Baby Chester Eating His Baby Squirrel Food

1. FLY!!

Chester is almost positive that grown-up squirrels spend their days FLYING around the woods! Why does he think this? Well, his dad can jump from tree to tree without hesitance, and his arms spread out like wings when he does! Chester assumes all squirrels have amazing powers like this. All he needs now is a cape!

2. Steal Food from Giants

Chester used to be scared of the HUGE, weird looking animals in the park. They walked on two legs, and none of them had tails! Some of the older squirrels would run up to the odd-looking animals and snatch food out of their hands. The weirdest part was that the two-leggers seemed to enjoy it! Chester wondered if any of these “humans,” as he’d heard them called, had any baby squirrel food to spare.

3. Make Clothes for Princesses

Chester knew this was a long shot, but he saw mice making clothes for a human called “Cinderella” in a book his mother stole from a big house once. Hey, if mice can sew, why can’t squirrels? Chester was sure that he’d be able to make a dress ten times as pretty as those squeaky little mice.

4. Tail Acrobatics

While Chester hadn’t really tried to do any tricks with his tail yet, he knew it had to be good for something other than swinging in the breeze. As he sat eating his baby squirrel food, Chester contemplated all of the cool acrobatics he could do with his tail! He could swing from a trapeze made of vines and branches, he could learn how to do flips by catapulting himself from low tree branches, and he could probably even do the splits! Err, maybe not.

Chester finished his baby squirrel food from Daily Family Farms, and thought about all of the amazing things he’d be able to do when he grew up and sweetly drifted off to sleep. His mother smiled and decided that she had the most imaginative little squirrel in the world.