Squirrels Go Nuts for Corn

How to use corn to turn your backyard into a squirrel sanctuary:

Squirrels can be your new furry, funny friends. Watching squirrels feed, interact, and play can be a stress relief and add enjoyment to your day. Watching squirrels play is not only amusing for you, but also beneficial to the squirrels. Studies show social play is essential for a juvenile squirrel’s physiological development. Additionally, juvenile squirrels that played more had increased motor skills. You can help the squirrels and find amusement by turning your backyard into a squirrel sanctuary with two easy steps.

Your backyard: the squirrel hangout

Squirrels are attracted to environments that are safe, friendly, and inviting. Squirrels do not like large open spaces; this exposes them to predators. Adding a few trees, hedges, or shrubs to your backyard will make squirrels feel safe. A squirrel-friendly backyard will make your backyard the squirrel hangout. Plus, a few more trees for squirrels to play on will add to your amusement as you watch your furry friends!

Your snacks: the squirrel food

Now that squirrels are coming to your backyard – a.k.a. the squirrel-hangout – the next step is keeping them coming. The key is supplying a consistent food source, such as corn, for squirrels. Providing corn for squirrels to eat is an excellent – and entertaining – option. Corn for squirrels is a tasty and nutritional meal that doubles as a chew toy. You can purchase corn for squirrels in a range of quantities from Daily Family Farms. Depending on the environment in which you live, purchasing larger or smaller quantities of corn may be more suitable. If you are creating a large squirrel sanctuary in a rural setting, buying corn feed in bulk would be advisable. If you are creating a smaller squirrel sanctuary in a more urban environment, buying corn feed in smaller quantities, such as a 6.5 lb bag of ear corn, would be advisable. Additionally, corn feed can be combined with other squirrel-friendly foods to make a fun and tasty squirrel snack mix. Foods like seeds and nuts will mix well with corn feed. Now that you have your squirrel snacks, it’s time to invest in squirrel feeder. Investing in a squirrel feeder will train the squirrels where to come and keep them coming to your backyard. Squirrel feeders come in a variety styles and can be purchased for a reasonable price. With a squirrel-friendly environment and a consistent food source, your backyard will be a squirrel sanctuary, bringing joy and amusement for the whole family.


If you’re ready to turn your backyard into a squirrel sanctuary, visit Daily Family Farms for more information on selecting the right corn feed for squirrels.