No More Pizza Crusts: Best Food for Squirrels

Anyone from Indiana knows about our famous squirrels. You can’t walk ten feet without passing one of these cute little critters, and when they beg for food with those squirrely eyes, you can’t say no! Unfortunately, because of this, squirrels end up being fed things like pizza crusts, cupcakes, donuts, and all sorts of foods that are incredibly unhealthy for their bodies. But, what exactly is the best way to feed squirrels? Well, we’re glad you asked.


Best Food for Squirrels

Although it may seem like your furry friends love the leftover dinner scraps you graciously feed them, it’s not doing their bodies any good. Instead of throwing your old pizza crusts off your front patio for the squirrels to desperately collect, maybe it’s time to look into specialized food for your furry friends. But where should you start?

Corn: All the Corn

Fresh corn is one of the best sources of nutrients for squirrels. However, when we say fresh, we mean fresh. Corn that is sauteed, fried, baked into a pie (we don’t judge your culinary preferences), or covered in butter is not going to be a healthy option for these squirrels. The best way to tell if the corn you are using is fresh is by purchasing this corn by the ear. This corn can be used to attract and feed squirrels and all other kinds of wildlife

Once you have purchased fresh corn, you can either set the corn out by the ear or choose to mix it with other fun squirrel snacks like nuts and seeds. By mixing the starchy vegetable with the protein heavy nuts, you are helping your squirrel friends fill their bellies with healthy nutrient filled foods, instead of foods filled with artificial preservatives and chemicals that could be harmful for wild animals. Think of it like a protein packed trail mix, the perfect snack for any hungry squirrel!

Finally, make sure to set out your corn medley in the same spot every day, whether it be by the biggest oak tree, near your mailbox, or on a little hill. This way the squirrels will know where to come for the best midday snack, and you’ll be able to observe these adorable creatures again and again. You might even make a furry friend or two!

Daily Family Farms

Daily Family Farms is passionate about connecting people to the brilliant wildlife of Indiana. We sell fresh corn by the ear to be used as feed for animals by farmers, wildlife observers, and animal lovers. Their farm fresh, organic corn feed is perfect for squirrels of all shapes and sizes. To order the best food for squirrels, head to the Daily Family Farms website,, or give them a call at (812) 371-5644.