Red Carpet Treatment – Find the Healthiest and Most Delicious Red Squirrel Food

Squirrels are no stranger to the Midwest, and they’ve become a sort of emblem or mascot for the lovely state we call home. If you’ve grown up in Indiana, you probably have quite a few fond memories that include chasing squirrels around the local park—hoping someday you might be able to catch up to one.  However, the squirrels were usually quick as whip and almost always scurried up into a large oak tree at the speed of light. You wanted nothing more than to get a close look at the fantastically fluffy creatures, even if all you ever really saw was their bushy tails swaying in the distance.


One day everything changed. Your mother brought home a bag of red squirrel food (corn feed) from Daily Family Farms and set it out on the back porch of your home. In a matter of minutes you saw squirrel after squirrel prancing up to nibble on the starch-filled delicacy. A few of the squirrels had deep red fur and pointy ears that kind of reminded you of Bat Man or Pikachu. You ran inside the house with lightning speed to do some research about this magnificent creature.

All about the Red Squirrel

Red squirrels get their name from, you guessed it, the copper color of their fur. This type of squirrel is easily identifiable—as one only has to notice their red undertone and pointy ears to discern them from other species of squirrels. Red squirrels are tree-dwelling animals, and they are able to jump incredible distances with the help of their enormous tails. If you happen to catch one of these squirrels in action, you may mistake it for a bird!

Red squirrels range in length from around seven to nine inches, and they can be found all over the world! Variations of the red squirrel have been spotted in Scotland, England, and even Asia. Twice yearly, red squirrels shed their thick fur to prepare for the upcoming season. In addition to their seasonal instinct, red squirrels have long, curved claws to help them cling to trees while they practice impressive stunts like effortlessly gliding from one tree to another. They are magnificent in both appearance and performance, so getting the opportunity to see one up close is a true treasure!

Red Squirrel Food

Red squirrel food is very similar to what you might feed squirrels of another species. Red squirrels love nuts and acorns, and they are able to carry the precious treats in their cheeks until they reach their nests. These animals often have more than one hiding place for their food so they are able to prepare for the possibility that a predator could steal it from one of the chosen locations. If one thing is for sure, red squirrels sure do plan ahead!

Red squirrels also enjoy wild corn, much like the corn provided by Daily Family Farms. Corn is terrific for attracting species like red squirrels because it’s weather resistant, affordable, and can be saved for long periods of time and then used again! If you set out this corn, red squirrels are bound to come out for a nibble, which gives you the opportunity to observe these cute creatures. Corn from Daily Family farm is the perfect red squirrel food for all of your squirrel watching adventures! 

Daily Family Farms – Red Squirrel Food

The friendly staff here at Daily Family Farms wants you to be able to experience the magic and wonder of nature through our specialized red squirrel food. We have the tools you need to get up close and personal with tons of interesting creatures in your own backyard! For more information about our red squirrel food, call Daily Family Farms at (812) 371-5644.