3 Reasons to Fight Squirrel Hunger! – Squirrel Corn Cobs

We have all heard someone talk about the fight to end world hunger amongst humans, but rarely do you come across an opportunity to end squirrel hunger. Why not? Squirrels can be hungry too! Here are a few reasons that we should care more about joining the fight to end squirrel hunger:

Squirrel Corn Cobs are Important Because…

1. Without Corn Cobs, Squirrels Might Go Nuts!

At some point in the life of every person, there will be a time when you look out the window and see a squirrel that seems to be doing some kind of rain dance in the yard. Let’s face it…squirrels act funny sometimes. A properly nourished squirrel eats about one pound of food per week. That may not seem like a lot, but an average squirrel doesn’t usually weigh more than a pound and a half, to begin with. I’d like to see you try to eat two-thirds of your body weight in a week. If you think normal squirrels act funny, just imagine how a squirrel might behave if it hasn’t been adequately fed

2. Squirrels Just Wanna Have Fun

Unlike some other common yard animals, squirrels never really mean any harm to your property or pets. I’m looking at you raccoons! Happy squirrels are gentle creatures that just want to have a good time. They frolic around your yard with no goal in mind, just waiting to be caught on camera for your next silly video. A hungry squirrel, however, is not a happy squirrel. Hungry squirrels are known dig up gardens or even gnaw on wires. Keep your squirrels happy by giving them squirrel corn cobs.  

3. Who Run the World? Squirrels!

Many people don’t know how important squirrels are to the environment. Squirrels are very protective of their nuts so they bury them in the ground to keep them away from their annoying squirrely neighbors. Sadly, their memories aren’t nearly as advanced as their protective instincts and much of their nut collection cannot be recovered. Without even knowing it, squirrels are constantly assisting in the forest renewal effort. Squirrel corn cobs are a great way to reward their good behavior.

Before you start calling to recruit all of your friends and family to join in the fight against squirrel hunger, make sure to stop and think about how you think about how you can personally make an impact. A sure-fire way to do this is to buy squirrel corn cobs for all of your squirrels. Luckily, Daily Family Farms is always selling farm fresh ear corn that should be exactly what you are looking for. Not only is it perfect for squirrels, but it also can be used to feed deer and birds! Now that you know how, go out and make a difference in the fight to end squirrel hunger!