Squirrels Get Munchies Too! Corn Cobs for Squirrels

Have you ever felt the sudden urge to snack? We sure have! Our furry friends are no exception, and they love to snack on nuts, acorns, and corn cobs for squirrels! Squirrels love their corn cobs, but we’re sure there are some snacks that squirrels must hate! Here are a few of our ideas:


Our Furry Friends LOVE Corn Cobs for Squirrels, but HATE……

1.      Brussel Sprouts

While we may not have hard evidence of this, our squirrelly-censors tell us that these critters probably don’t have a taste for brussel sprouts. Save them the trauma, and feed them corn cobs for squirrels instead.

2.      TV Dinners

Unless these frozen trays of barely edible substance include acorns, corn cobs, or nuts, our squirrel friends won’t be taking part in the TV dinner trend.

3.      Canned Ham

Canned ham, while delicious for some, is not an option squirrels—who are primarily herbivores. This means their diet does not consist of meat, but is made up of nuts, seeds, berries, and corn cobs for squirrels. No prime steak for these crazy critters!

4.      Chewing Gum

Not only is chewing gum probably not particularly appealing for squirrels, it can actually be very dangerous if ingested! Be careful with your chewing gum, and always be sure and dispose of it in a trash can so these critters won’t be able to accidentally ingest it. We want to best for our furry friends!

 5.      Cottage Cheese

Squirrels are most familiar with the hard consistency and texture of nuts, seeds, and corn cobs for squirrels. This means they probably would not be as fond of cottage cheese, which has a soft, rather chewy texture.

6.      Jell-O

If you were to leave a big pan of Jell-O on your back porch, the squirrels living in or near your yard would likely be REALLY confused. Jell-O is unlike any of the foods which they are used to consuming, and they may just assume it’s something you jump in, take a bath in, or even sleep in! Either way, these squirrels would much rather prefer a few corn cobs for squirrels.

7.      Liver and Onions 

If you try to make friends with the squirrels in your yard with this well-known pair, it’s likely that you’ll fill the area with a strong, foul scent before any squirrels come near the liver and onions dish! Squirrels, aside from being primarily herbivores, are not usually attracted to the strong, probably unpleasant sent which a day-old liver and union dish may carry.

Do your squirrel friends a favor and stick to the basics: nuts, acorns, and corn cobs for squirrels. Luckily, Daily Family Farms sells fresh ear corn for squirrels, deer, wild turkey, and more! Spend more time immersing yourself in nature, and sit back, relax, and enjoy feeding squirrels the food they love!