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Tips on Feeding Wild Birds

feeding wild birds

Birds are our feathery friends that need nutritious foods to thrive in the environment since they are known to control weeds and insects. Not only are they beneficial to the environment but feeding them is a fun activity and hobby. It can be relaxing and fascinating to watch birds fly onto the bird feeder. Certain…

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Top 5 Reasons Corn Makes the Best Birdfeed

corn bird feed

These days, it seems social life is mostly online through social media and other platforms.  It’s hard to make friends in real life, and sometimes you can’t because you just aren’t (fill-in-the-bank) enough.   Even though it might be true that you aren’t “mainstream enough”, you can always find loving and accepting friends outside.  Their names are Mourning Dove,…

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How to Be Ready for 2016 with Corn Supplies

The New Year is fast approaching and you never want your backyard critters to go hungry. All year round, different birds and squirrels need our help staying fed. We play an important role in their lives, especially this time of year. At Daily’s Family Farm, you can stock up on feed corn to help assure…

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