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Wild Turkey Food: What Do Wild Turkeys Eat?

wild turkey food

Gobble, gobble! This is the sound from the recognizable Wild Turkey with its distinct characteristics of a fan-like tail, pink legs, and curvy bill. Even though Wild Turkeys are a common topic during Thanksgiving and Christmas, they are seen all year round. Despite their popularity during the holidays, Wild Turkeys may be overlooked as key…

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The Top 5 Wild Turkey Foods

We’re not talking about our delicious Thanksgiving meal—we’re talking about the wild turkeys that are native to North America. If you live near a woodsy area, you might see these creatures foraging for food. Wild turkeys are omnivores known to eat almost anything. According to the DNR, they can eat more than 100 different food…

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Wild Turkey Spring Season in Indiana

The wild turkey spring hunting season is open in Indiana from April 22nd – May 10th. If you don’t have time to go on a hunting trip, you might be looking for ways to attract wild turkeys to your Indiana property. According to Tractor Supply, two ways to attract wild turkeys to your yard are…

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