Top 5 Reasons Corn Makes the Best Birdfeed

These days, it seems social life is mostly online through social media and other platforms.  It’s hard to make friends in real life, and sometimes you can’t because you just aren’t (fill-in-the-bank) enough.   Even though it might be true that you aren’t “mainstream enough”, you can always find loving and accepting friends outside.  Their names are Mourning Dove, Starling, Blackbird, Crow, and Hawk.  These friends are very easy to make, all you have to do is bribe them with corn for birdfeed.  There are a lot of different types of birdfeed out there, but corn is my favorite.  Here are the top 5 reasons corn makes the best birdfeed.


1. It’s easy

Setting up corn for baiting your forest friends is easy.  You can go under your table, unwrap an ear corn, chuck across the yard and wait.  You can slide it on a stick and sink it in the ground.  You can set out a tray and shred the cob into individual corns.  No more setting up one of those crazy contraptions that look like a fancy pole with a bucket on it—you know it always ends up tipping over. 

2.  It attracts bigger birds

The biggest friend is usually the most fun.  This motto is also true with birds!  Cracked corn can attract bigger friends to your home like crows or hawks.  These fellows are so much fun to observe up close.  Don’t worry, they won’t eat you, but they will eat all your corn, so prepare to see a lot of them! 

3.  You can use it all year round

Corn is a Magical vegetable.  You can use it all year around to feed your feathery friends that come around: the birds.  This birdfeed can last all winter when it is dried out, and birds look for food the most in winter.  Chuck a corn out in your yard in the winter and birds are bound to flock your way.

4.  You can MIY

MIY.  Make It Yourself.  It seems everything you use these days are made for you.  Fear not, that satisfying feeling of making birdfeed yourself is still available.  Corn is one of the easiest vegetables to grow, and can grow just about anywhere.  Plant a few seeds in your backyard in April and in July you should have some corn stalks to pick.  Once you picked them, you peel the green off and you throw them in the oven for about eight hours to dry them out.  Congratulations, you’ve made your own birdfeed!

5.  It attracts more animals than just birds

Birds aren’t the only animals that love corn.  Deer, foxes, squirrels, and turkeys love them too.  If you’ve never seen a deer up close, they are quite majestic.  These interesting animals will smell the corn and will want a piece of the action too.  Soon all your neighbors will be in awe as the animals begin to come around you like you are Snow White.

There are many types of birdfeed out there, but corn attracts the most various types of animals. It’s easy to get and easy to put out. Daily Family Farms is the best place to order your corn for feeding the wildlife. We grow it right on our farm. Plus, Daily Family Farms gives you a lot of useful information to consider when beginning to feed the wildlife! So, what are you waiting for? Get some corn and start making new friends today!